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Led by Bar Director and longtime industry veteran Darryl Chan, The Portrait Bar is an urbane, wood-paneled retreat where guests can enjoy sophisticated cocktails and snack on elevated bar fare by a carved stone fireplace. You never know who’ll you’ll run into at The Portrait Bar. In this rich, intimate space, inspired by Italian villas, dark wood paneling holds an exceptional art collection which is more than just a collection of portraits —paintings, photographs, drawings— it is a collection of lives and stories.

Chan’s cocktail list is a mix of modern and classic variations that evoke a sense of place. The menu is inspired by our collective travels and offers a fun but centered taste of the world. Some highlights include Cebu Island, a modern take on a beautiful day at the beach in the form of a clear cocktail with distinct flavors of coconut and calamansi, while Torino brings together everything that we love most about Italian aperitivo culture, breathing this feeling in the essence of a highball.